Startup Summer Camp

Hands-on or online workshops and coaching from top startup trainers


Startup Summer Camp is a FREE opportunity for Connecticut students to get the guidance and knowledge needed to take their idea for a new product, service or business to the next stage.

Who should attend?

  1. Inventor or idea person who wants to know how to turn your thoughts into a business!
  2. Hustler or hacker and who wants to figure out how to keep it going and make it better!
  3. Move your idea or business forward…optimize your business model…and get it ready to raise funds
    from CTNext and Angel Investors

What do I learn?

We'll help you with everything you need to take you from idea to running your own startup. This program will teach you about developing your business model, acquiring customers, marketing, pitching, business strategy, fund raising, financials, and much more.

What will I get from the program?

How does it work?

You learn the way you want to - in person, online or maybe a little of both. You choose what you want to learn and how you want to learn it. Workshops and 1-on-1 coaching will be held online or at a beautiful campus.

Who delivers the program?

The program is driven by two seasoned entrepreneurs-turned-educators: Bob Dorf, co-author with Steve Blank of the famous “Startup Owner’s Manual,” and Dale Jasinski, a leading Entrepreneurship Professor at Quinnipiac. Between them, the two have founded a fistful of companies and coached hundreds on to success. They’ll be your instructor, your coach, and available to just chat!

What do I get from participating?

Group and personal guidance to move your idea or startup forward faster, wherever it is today. And a chance to compete for MULTIPLE $10,000 GRANTS to move even faster from CTNext. Get your business right, your pitch righter, and have the chance to pursue over $100,000 in startup competitions this fall.

ready to go from concept to funding?